Beyond the sea

These are the first images, the first day. The project will travel the coast of our region. It will begin in new Brighton. It will end Barrow-in-Furness. This is as much as we know…

Beyond the Sea is an on-going inter-disciplinary arts project inspired by and made with the assistance of the coastal communities of North West England; celebrating their precarious, epic and often personal relationships with the sea.

The project takes the shape of a series of interventions and actions instigated by chance meetings with strangers along the coastline of NW England. Looking for connections, moments, places and memories that link us,Beyond the Sea explores a renewed cultural map of our island’s coast.

The company then collaborated with ‘Lanternhouse International’ and ‘360- Creative Producers’ in a range of outcomes including public arts installation, short film and a small scale touring performance.

The project took place over the summer of 2008 and concluded with an open-air performance event at Lanternhouse in Summer 2009.