If you only had a minute, how would you like to spend it?

In this intimate ‘one to one’ encounter, participants are invited to share their thoughts on how they would spend their most precious minute, perhaps their final minute. Given the chance where would they go, who would they see and what might they say?

By collecting and archiving participants contributions, the on-going work aims to set the remarkable possibilities of the single human experience against the minute significance of a life in universal terms.

Minutehas a number of on–going outcomes. Originally staged in a small archivists room, (emergency 2011) participant’s minutes were archived on audio loops and instant polaroid cameras.

Following a ‘Works Ahead’ commission (Contact 2012) in which the worked explored greater theatricality, the project was reduced to an interactive ‘photo-booth’ (Hatch Nottingham 2012) that engages the participant in an extremely intimate and agnostic confession.

The company also explored the themes of the work through public participation and gallery installation in a UCLAN Contemporary Arts commission (2012). A collaboration with performance maker Simon Bowes concluded the initial project in a site specific event at the Harris Museum Preston.

Currently in production